A touch of Class…. 

Gem stones and Jewelry are a universal form of adornment which has been a part of human culture for many centuries. It is as old as human civilization itself. Mined gemstones, Jewelry made from shells, stone and bones survives from prehistoric times. While cultural values have made people use gems and jewelry for various purposes, they have always served as something precious and valuable. As time went by, even with advancements in metallurgy and gem processing, the purpose of wearing gems and jewelry always remained the same. This enabled the wearer to showcase their wealth, rank, or their affection towards someone. This enabled jewelry to become timeless and a target for constant development and refinement.

LusterBlue is specialized in Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Blue Sapphires and offers you range of products from variety of gemstones, Gold and Silver Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Earring etc just for an affordable price. Our selection of gems and Jewelries are determined by a modern classic shaping as well as by quality. Jewelry has made beautiful girls look even more beautiful. In other words, gems and jewelry forms part of our personality and adds more color to the individual self.

Our vertically integrated business model removes complex traditional supply chains and allows us to provide the best value possible to our customers. Our jewellery is worked close to ensure the very best results are achieved. Combined with our low cost operating environment, we make genuine high quality gemstone jewellery affordable and available to everyone.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Make this moment perfect for your loved ones by gifting something special…

Gem & Jewellery Guarantee

Many people are nervous about purchasing gem stones and jewellery online. All the gemstones and jewelries sold by LusterBlue are issued with certificates as per customer’s request. Designed to be easy-to-use, everything at LusterBlue is built with the customer in mind.