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Biggest diamond found in North America in plain view in New York city

The biggest precious diamond found in North America is currently stunning New York City.

Excavators at Dominion Diamond Mines in northwest Canada found the 552.7-carat stone in October around 60 feet underneath the surface. It has existed for an expected 3.1 billion years.

The earth is 4.5 billion years of age and this has been sitting tight for a very long time even before the excavators found out about it.

Earth made it. Man could’ve effectively crushed it amid the brutal mining process.

This excellent piece turned out both whole and solid and moreover phenomenal.

The stone, which is worth millions, touched base at the Gemological Institute of America in Midtown for examination.

The purpose of this is to perceive what sorts of deformities are in the jewel at the nuclear scale. It gives the excavators a superior thought of what gives the precious stone its shading and what makes it one of a kind.

However, a portion of the instruments are somewhat too little to even think about accepting something so vast as this and the miners need to adjust according to that.

Other than its sheer magnificence, the precious stone energizes the miners for another reason: he’s Canadian.

There’s positively a feeling of enthusiasm when you get a stone this way.  It is simply an uncommon opportunity to see one of nature’s wonders.