Chinafort Gem Market Pathe – Beruwala – Sri Lanka which is one of the famous gem markets among the gem experts is a great place to buy and sell all types of semi-precious and precious gemstones covering a wide range of stones such as Rubies, emerald , Alexandrite, star sapphires of varied colours, Honey coloured cat’s eye, Peacock Blue, Royal Blue, Cornflower Blue, Golden Yellow, Green, Purple, Violet, Pink, White, Pinkish orange (Padparadscha) Sapphires, in diverse colours and sizes.

With no restrictions depending on the age or nationality on any given day, any visitor or international buyer can witness all types of stones with various calibres from points to grams from different parts of the world by the hands of thousands of suppliers from one single place. Since there have been no safety concerns encountered so far, the market has been also regarded as one of the safest open gem markets in the world.

Being one of the most potential gem markets in Sri Lanka, it offers great flexibility and comfort for International buyers & collectors to see varieties of stones and enjoy fair pricing from honest traders while there are more than eight certified and recognized gem laboratories to provide certifications on the very same day.

LusterBlue proudly offers office space for rent for anyone interested to visit and trade in Chinafort gem market with the ultimate guidance of gem experts.

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday – 10AM – 6PM

Wednesday & Thursday are ideal as more crowd gathering on these days.


  • Free Wifi
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Fully furnished air conditioned room
  • All gemological equipments
  • Fluorescent Lamp (6000K - Daylight)
  • Tweezer
  • Loupe
  • Scale
  • Gem torch
  • Gemstone sorting tray
  • Gemstone scoop shovel

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    1) Can I get only an office space without any guidance from the experts?

    Yeah You can! Some buyers come with their own team where they do not require any guidance. In such instances you can ask for an office space without any guidance.

    2) If I am a new person to the gem industry, what are the services I can expect from you?

    LusterBlue as a prominent gem store has the best team with experience to guide you and assist you. Especially to identify the potential risks and keep u safe from being cheated, our team will be there with you and help you to get the best value for your money without any issue.

    3) How can I book the office ?

    Nothing to worry much, contact us for more details  and we will be providing you the best solution for your needs regarding the office space.

    4) How do I make the payment ?

    Payment arrangements are more convenient, You can pay on arrival. 

    5) Do I need to pay to reserve the office ?

    There is no need to pay early to reserve an office space, you can simply contact and reserve it and pay on your arrival to Sri Lanka, We will be waiting to warmly welcome you!