Like gold jewellery, silver jewellery occupies a hallowed place in our Sri Lankan history. Sharing much in common with its more glamorous counterpart gold, silver is also most frequently used for personal adornment. We offer you a luxurious, beautiful and stylish collection you will treasure forever, at just a reasonable price.

We do a quality check over our handpicked gems and we invest a tremendous effort towards ensuring that only the highest quality gems are perfectly matched before being set into a stunning array of handcrafted jewellery designs.

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Blue Topaz Silver Stack Ring – LBSR-461

Blue Topaz Heartbeat Necklace – LBSP-426

Blue Topaz Silver Pendant – LBSP-409

From: $ 26

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-397

White Sapphire Silver Ring – LBSR-398

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-396

Pear Sea Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-451

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-443

Blue Topaz Drop Pendant – LBSP-429

Blue Topaz Silver Pendant – LBSP-431

From: $ 26

Blue Topaz Silver Pendant – LBSP-403

From: $ 26

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-359

$ 17

Blue Topaz Cluster Pendant – LBSP-223

From: $ 26

Blue Topaz Elephant Pendant – LBSP-491

Personalized Name & Birthstone Silver Y Necklace – LBSP-480

$ 45 $ 38

Peridot Half Eternity Ring – LBSR-477

Multi Vertical Birthstone Bar Pendant – LBSP-479

Crevice Grooved Square-shaped Blue Topaz Ring – LBSR-474

Blue Topaz Cushion Cocktail Ring – LBSR-469

Blue Topaz Silver Necklace – LBSP-455

$ 176

Pear Amethyst Silver Ring – LBSR-452

Pricess Cut Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-472

Blue Topaz Silver Pendant – LBSP-425

From: $ 35

Blue Topaz Silver Earrings – LBSE-410

$ 32

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-394

Blue Topaz Heart Pendant – LBSP-393

From: $ 26

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-392

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-391

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-357

$ 30

Blue Topaz Ring – LBSR-218

$ 49