Planning to surprise your loved one with a ring ? Then you are at the right place. Prove yourself romantic by purchasing a LusterBlue ring, where it’s not just a ring, but a promise.

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Blue Topaz Half Eternity Ring – LBSR-477

Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Ring – LBSR-475

Crevice Grooved Square-shaped Blue Topaz Ring – LBSR-474

Smoky Quartz Silver Ring – LBSR-471

Sapphire Sapphire Stack Ring – LBSR-470

Blue Topaz Cushion Cocktail Ring – LBSR-469

Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring – LBSR-468

Amethyst Cushion Cocktail Ring – LBSR-467

Blue Topaz Silver Stack Ring – LBSR-461

Blue Sapphire Silver Ring – LBSR-458

Blue Sapphire Stack Ring – LBSR-457

Amethyst Silver Stack Ring – LBSR-456

Blue Sapphire Cluster Ring – LBSR-402

Pear Amethyst Silver Ring – LBSR-452

Pear Sea Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-451

Pricess Cut Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-472

Amethyst Silver Ring – LBSR-449

Amethyst Silver Halo Ring – LBSR-445

Amethyst Silver Ring – LBSR-444

Blue Topaz Silver Ring – LBSR-443

Garnet Silver Ring – LBSR-442

Citrine Silver Ring – LBSR-420

Citrine Silver Stack Ring – LBSR-419

Garnet Silver Ring – LBSR-418

Garnet Silver Stack Ring – LBSR-417

Blue Sapphire Silver Ring – LBSR-408

Opaque Blue Sapphire Ring – LBSR-407

Garnet Cluster Ring – LBSR-401

Blue Sapphire Silver Solitaire Ring – LBSR-400

From: $ 40

White Sapphire Silver Ring – LBSR-398