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Regions Where Sapphires are Mined

Sapphires come in several colors and variety and are mined in many locations worldwide for centuries to date. It’s mined in the same way as it was mined years back. Mostly it comes from those countries where restricted guidelines are following for the process. Sapphire mining Sri Lanka is regulated to ensure land protection from overuse. However, Ceylon blue sapphire mining is limited to very small-scale level operations where heavy machinery usage is not allowed.

Many sandy desert landscapes get damaged by the fortune seekers looking for top-quality sapphire deposits within the earth every year. However, natural untreated sapphires are very rare and mined to ensure a stable market and help secure feature generations of deposits.

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This method is used, but this type of mining causes a lot of environmental damage. Strip mining only benefits big companies who have invested capital for the large-scale operation. But such mining could badly affect the market trends; when new deposits are found, the production can flood the market with new low prices.

natural sapphires

Go for river streams and rice paddies as these are the best locations of sifting and sorting new gravel bearing earth. Sapphire can be found both in metamorphic and igneous rock. When it gets root in solid rock, then it considers as ‘primary deposits.’ But you can find sapphire usually at some distance from its source. The erosion process moves rock fragments into streams, where those fragments get fractured releasing gems they contain.

In surfaces where the current gets slows naturally, the heavy gemstones settle at the river’s bottom or stream bed. However, with time, sapphire gets concentrated in that place.

If you search for a well-rewarding sapphire source, then head to Alluvial Gem Gravel as it contains concentrated amounts of gemstones, and you can easily find sapphire here. The principal of such mining as the same as other types; only the mechanization level differs. Go for primitive alluvial mining as it only requires you to bring a sieve, pan, or a basket.

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