Navaratna Gemstones (9 Stones) Box – 3mm

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Dimensions (WxHxD):  3 mm
Shape: Round

  • Ruby(Manikkam or Manek): Sun
  • Yellow sapphire(Pukharaj): Jupiter
  • Pearl(Moti): Moon
  • Blue sapphire(Neelam): Saturn
  • Red coral(Moonga): Mars
  • Emerald (Marakatam or Panna): Mercury
  • Diamond(Heera or Vairam): Venus
  • Hessonite(Gomedh): Rahu, the ascending lunar node
  • Cat’s eye (Vaiduryam): Ketu, the descending lunar node


XS6 - 84347
S8 -106369
M10 - 1283811
L12 - 14104013
XL14 - 16124215
XXL16 - 28144417
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Navaratna refers to the nine gemstones related to the nine planets used in Vedic astrology. The word “nava” means nine and “ratna” means gem in the Sanskrit language. Navaratnas are considered auspicious and believed to bring good health to whoever wears it. Navaratna Jewelry is getting more consideration nowadays in view of its trendy looks and mysterious advantages. It symbolizes health, prosperity, happiness and peace of mind. Also, it wards off negative energies and effects from planets, while strengthens the positive influences of the gems.

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